Office of the Provost


“Democracy must be re-born in each generation and education is its midwife.”
John Dewey

The Provost is the Chief Academic Officer for The University of Redlands, fostering collaborative leadership to ensure transformative teaching and learning for students’ educational journeys and professional development for our teacher-scholar faculty.  These goals inform our primary responsibilities in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Schools of Education, Business, Music and Continuing Studies. The faculty, administrators, and staff of the Library, Information Technology Services (ITS), the Registrar, the Center for Spatial Studies, Planning and Decision Support, Institutional Research, Assessment, and Internationalization partner with the Deans and Provost to promote excellence and inclusion for our academic programs.

The Provost coordinates University-wide planning, contributes to advancement initiatives, and oversees the academic budget.  She serves on the President’s Cabinet, contributes to shared governance as an ex-officio committee member, convenes the Dean’s Council, and is a liaison to the Board of Trustees.

As experienced pioneers with over a century of successful,  and often cross-disciplinary stewardship of undergraduate, graduate and professional liberal arts and sciences educational pathways, a Redlands education enables students confidently to examine, understand, and solve unscripted and complex challenges in their lives and communities.  We invite you to learn more here about our vision for a Collaborative University and the practice of teaching both the “mind and heart” of our students, now and for the future.

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Dr. Kathy Ogren

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