University of Redlands

University of Redlands ~ Catalog 2014-2016

The courses listed below include elements of public policy. Offerings from the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and School of Education are listed. This list was developed from the University of Redlands Catalog 2014-2016.

College of Arts and Sciences
Accounting (ACCT)
440: Financial and Business Reporting Analysis

Business (BUS)
353: Financial Management
421: Corporate Finance
450: The European Union
458: Business Policy and Strategy for BA Majors
459: Business Policy and Strategy for BS Majors

Economics (ECON)
155: Introduction to the Economics of the Environment
251: Principles of Macroeconomics
320: Comparative Economic Systems
322: International Trade
323: International Finance
340: Economics of Race and Gender
351: Intermediate Macroeconomics
352: Industrial Organization and Public Policy
353: Economics of Labor
354: Public Finance
365: Topics in Political Economy

Environmental Studies (EVST)
240: Global Environment
245: Marine Environmental Studies
300: Environmental World Views
320: Environmental Policy and Management
325: Public Lands Management
330: Environmental Policy Clinic
340: Green Business

International Relations (IR)
200: International Relations Theory
250: American Foreign Policy

 Philosophy (PHIL)
330 Environmental Ethics

 Political Science (POLI)
111: Introduction to American Politics
200: International Relations Theory
206: State and Local Politics and Policy
207: Environmental Politics and Policy
209: Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
242: Asian International Relations
244: International Security Policies
250: American Foreign Policy
257: Policy Making in Washington, DC
332: Politics of Japan and Korea
346: Foreign Policies of Russia and the Former Soviet States
360: Special Topics in American Politics and Policy
381: Public Policy Internship
456: Education Policy
457: Health Care Policy

Latin American Studies (LAST)
330: “Drug Wars” in the Americas

 Race and Ethnic Studies (REST)
335: Race, Gender and Public Policy

Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)
335: Sociology of the Family

Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST)
220: Comparative Feminisms
330: Pregnancy & Power: Reproductive Politics and Policies
337: Working Sex: Interdisciplinary Studies

Student Services (SSRV)
101 Residence Life 101

School of Business Programs of Study
BAMG I660: Managerial Finance
BAMG 680W: Global Information Systems
BUAD 641: Managerial Economics
BUSB 260: Financial and Managerial Accounting
BUSCS 312: Supply Chain Management Procurement
INFT 610: Legal, Policy, and Ethical Issues for Technology
INTB 470: International Area Studies
INTB 670 International Area Studies
ISYS 610: Legal Policy and Ethical Issues for Technology
MGMT 674: Human Resources Management

School of Education (EDUC)
720: Professional Administrative Services Credential Assessment: Plan Development and Mentoring
725: Resource Management in Schools
831: Legal and Ethical Issues in Educational Leadership
832: Educational Policy: A Multiple Perspectives Approach
835: Critical Theory and Educational Leadership
850C: Research to Practice Seminar I C