University of Redlands

Symposium on Assessment and Learning

Each year, the University comes together to collaboratively share and learn from each other with regard to how we assess if and how we are meeting our mission and collective goals.

  • May 2019: This is an opportunity to learn about the work being done across campus to assess whether and how we meet our mission(s).  The work of assessment and educational effectiveness has technical as well as ethical and political components.  The morning is organized around conversations from the Educational Assessment Committee on streamlining learning outcome work, on what’s been learned from new survey instruments on cross-cultural competency and on alumni employment, and on what we can and should do about locating ethics, equity, and diversity as central pedagogical practices. 
  • May 2018: Many faculty often ask... what is the point of assessment? Isn't it "just a bunch of hoops" we jump through to please WASC? Can we streamline the process and make it more meaningful? If we have to do it, then what does good assessment look like?  The University of Redlands faced these questions -- and more -- when we began systematic assessment in support of curricular innovation and improvement, evidence-based decision-making, and effective planning a decade ago. We now have many success stories to share with each other in service of meaningful uses of learning assessment.