University of Redlands

Academic program review

Programs at the University of Redlands undergo cyclical review in order to insure academic excellence, assess educational effectiveness, and develop realistic plans for improvement. The program review process is designed to foster collective reflection by faculty members and students about their program's strengths, weaknesses, goals and mission. Programs provide a comprehensive analysis of quality based on evidence, supplemented by an external evaluation by qualified reviewers. The results of program review meaningfully inform institutional planning, resource allocation, and decision-making at the University. The Educational Assessment Committee and Director of Assessment and Accreditation are currently working on an update to our program review, which we expect to implement for fall 2025.

Program reviews are submitted via Watermark Planning and Self-Study for ease of compilation and review. Your outcomes, assessment reports, and curriculum maps will be automatically pulled into your review. Below are pre-solution representations of the items related to the review process, which we are providing for your review. 

Understanding the Program Review Process:

A graphic representation of the process

The Program Review Guidelines

The Self-Study Guidelines

The faculty-adopted Core Competency definitions

The data provided by programs and the administration


Documents and Templates Used by Programs:

The template for the five year plan

The template for selecting peer institutions

Directions for credit hour verification

The credit hour verification template

The template for yearly reports on approved action plans


Documents Used by the External Reviewers:

The rubric used by external reviewers

The guidelines for external reviewers