University of Redlands

Learning Outcomes

At the University of Redlands, our students actively pursue undergraduate and graduate studies to develop the perspectives, skills, and ethics to shape meaningful learning within their fields of study and to create a just and equitable world. The University of Redlands prepares its students to:

  • * Critically analyze varied sources of information;
  • * Reckon with perspectives different from their own;
  • * Communicate effectively through a variety of media, technologies, and forms;
  • * Formulate forward-looking solutions to complex problems; and
  • * Serve local and global communities as informed, reflective, and active citizens.


Each degree program is required to develop and implement a plan to assess the degree to which students demonstrate mastery of the learning outcomes that define the degree, at the program, school, and institutional levels. The plan should show how the program will assess all of their outcomes over a five year period and explain in detail how that plan will be implemented in the next two years. At the end of the year every program submits a report on their findings and what actions they will take as a result; this report will be accompanied by an updated plan for the next two and five year periods.

To submit a plan or report, please visit the EAC page at myRedlands.


Curriculum maps delineate how and through which courses or sets of courses, students will be introduced to learning outcomes, and develop and master their expertise in the learning outcomes of that degree program.