Participant filtering

For more information about the participants filters, you can look through the information bellow or read Moodle's Support documentation

Moodle 3.9 has an upgraded filtering options in the participants’ page. This allows more refined searching by adding multiple conditions to the filtering.

  1. The filter appears in the Participants page of your course
  2. On this page you can filter for students by using conditions.
  3. You can set the condition to filter Any, None, or All of the criteria.
  4. Once you set your match criteria you can then choose what criteria type you want to search by. These include a keyword, a user’s status, a user’s role, how the user was enrolled, and how long the user has been inactive.
    match type.png
  5. Once the criteria type is selected it becomes locked. You then will need to enter the corresponding criteria variable into the last field to finish the condition.
    match type box.png
  6. To run the filter after the condition is created select the Apply Filters button
    apply filter.png
  7. If you want to change the criteria you can unlock the criteria type it by selecting the X icon on the right of the condition
    x icon.png
  8. You can refine your filter by adding a second condition with the Add Condition
    add condition.png
  9. This adds another condition search, along with a relational statement between the two conditions.
    1. If the relational statement is:
      1. OR either of the conditions can be met for the user to appear in the filter.
      2. AND both conditions have to be met by a user to appear in the filter response.
        or statments.png
  10. To change the relational statement, use the Match dropdown above the conditions. From the drop down selecting Any will produce an OR relational statement, selecting All or None will produce an AND
  11. Once you have set up how the conditions are related repeat steps select Apply Filter to run the filter.
    apply filter.png