Import a Course

For information about how to import course content, you can look through the information bellow or read Moodle's Support documentation

Importing full course

Importing your previous course data can save you time and energy.

  1. In your current course, click the Gear icon.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Search for the previous course or template.
  4. Select the course and click Continue, then Jump to Final Step.

Importing only select activities and resources

Along with importing a full course you can import select activities and resources from one course to another.

1. On the Moodle course you want to bring the activity or resource in select the gear icon.
gear icon

2. From the drop-down menu select Import

3. Choose the course you want to get the activity or resource from and click Continue
select class

4. In the Import settings page deselect all options but Include activities and resources and, if importing a quiz, include question bank.
import options


5. Click Next

6. In the Include screen select None to deselect all the activities in the course


7. Go to the section or week that the activity or resource you want is located. Select that section or week, then select the activity you want to bring over
select activities


8. Repeat step 7 for any other activities or resources you would like to bring over

9. When ready click Next

10. Review your selects and click Perform Import

perform import

11. The import will run, when it is complete click Continue

12. The activity or resource will appear in your course in the week or section equivalent to the week or section that it was found in its original course. To move the activity or resource to the right section or week Turn on editing and drag the activity

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