Download Roster

To download your Roster from Moodle you will need to go through the Gradebook.

  1. In your course navigate to your gradebook
    Grades link
  2. In the Gradebook go to the Export
    export tab
  3. Then choose the Excel Spreadsheet This will allow you to easily manipulate the roster if you need to import it into another system.
    Excel spreadsheet tab
  4. If you only want the roster, scroll down the list of Grade Items To Be Included, at the bottom of the list select the none If you would like the grades for the assignments keep them selected.
    Select all/none with none highlighted
  5. You can ignore the Export Format Options section, and click Download
    download button
  6. Save your roster in OneDrive or on your desktop for future access.
    save file screen
  7. This will create an excel with your student roster, including their first and last name, ID number, and email address.
    example of the excel