• Pick up anywhere: printouts may be picked up at any of the conveniently located printer kiosks across the campus.
  • Print from anywhere: no need to access a lab computer to print. Print jobs may be sent from any computer, or straight from the web, cloud storage, mobile devices, email, USB drive, or Moodle.

Added Features

  • Multiple print options: all kiosk printers offer color, black and white, and duplex printing.
  • Accessible: kiosk printers are ADA compliant and meet accessibility requirements.
  • Secure: students’ private data is safe as they must authenticate to pick up by their print jobs.
  • Guest access: parents and guests may print directly to the kiosk printers.
  • Print off campus: users may print at any campus that offers WEPA print kiosks, using their WEPA account.


  • Reduces Paper Wastage: Kiosk printing encourages responsible printing habits so users print only what they need.
  • WEPA partners with PrintReleaf and will reforest trees to help the environment. Find more information on the reforestation initiative: