University of Redlands

What happens when a student submits the application?

  1. Application assigned to an Assistant Director who provides the student/agent with information and requests the supplemental documents.
  2. When the file is complete the AD sends it to the application team, who then will send it to the committee for a decision.
  3. The committee then sends the decision to the Application team. If the student is admitted the application team generates admit letters.
  4. One admit letter is sent to our International Office and the other to the student.
  5. The international office then generates the I20 (if a bank statement has been cleared).
  6. The international office sends the student the I20.
  7. The student pays the SEVIS fees and sets up a visa appointment.
  8. The student/agent notifies our International Office and me once he/she hears about a pass/no pass for the interview.
  9. If the student obtains the visa, the International Office will send information about orientation and airport pick up to the student/agent.
  10. The AD sends information about registering and School of Business orientation, tuition and fees.
  11. The student pays tuition and fees and then may register if not already prompted to register.