Immersive Pilot

What is the Immersive Pilot?

The Immersive Pilot offers students the opportunity to explore real and imagined places and interact in shared environments across distance through powerful virtual reality (VR) hardware.

This pilot offering leverages the Meta Quest 2 headset kits, allowing users to experience untethered (no PC required) VR experiences like apps and games as well as innovative 360º experiences in the form of immersive video storytelling and place-based tours.



Immersive headsets are particularly useful when students will be:

  • engaging with longer form or information-rich 360º video
  • interacting with complex virtual worlds
  • creating within a virtual reality tool (such as Multi Brush)
  • working within a class activity that can be completed individually or in pairs

To ensure you have a successful experience, our team recommends:

  • letting students know early-on that they will be using Immersive Headset Pilot devices for class activities
  • polling students early to find out who will need additional accommodation for creating necessary individual accounts
  • scheduling training sessions with students (the set up and operation of devices is pretty simple but may be new to students)

Oculus Quest 2

As of the start of the Immersive Headset Pilot the device pool consists of Meta Quest 2 headsets. These are standalone headsets that do not require a connection to a high end PC to offer virtual reality experiences with advanced, immersive features like motion tracking. Headsets are provided with protective cases, sanitizable face shields and Elite straps.

While useful for virtual reality apps, the Meta Quest 2 also offers a superior 360º video viewing experience for users. With a high resolution display and built in speakers, YouTube VR and other video app content looks and sounds rich and lifelike, upping immersion for viewers.


The software load will change depending on project needs and our team will work with you to determine which apps (and what content within these apps) are best fits for your educational goals.