Building Assignments

Creating an encompassing assignment that makes use of Experience Catalogue items is a great way to get your class to engage more deeply with immersive content. Get inspired by various ways instructors across U of R have worked with Instructional Technology Services to develop activities. 


Select a Destination + Set Expectations

You will be paired up with a partner. Together, choose one of the 360º experience, preferably one that focuses on a country with which you both have not lived in or traveled to.

  • What do you know about this country? What would you like to learn more about by way of this virtual visit?
  • From what sources have your ideas about this country - or its region more broadly - been derived? What influence has this had on how you imagine life in the country to be?

On the Ground

Your Observations

  • Pick at least one video from each of the main categories (examples include Traditions & Culture, Nature & Environment, etc);
  • Watch these videos in your browser, on your phone or by way of a headset (if you have one);
  • Select at least one of the related 3D models and identify in your notes how it fits with the content category;
  • Make notes based on the See, Think, Wonder model See Think Wonder Model

    What do you SEE?

    Describe what you observe

    What do you THINK?

    During experience, explain what you are thinking

    What do you WONDER?

  • Compare notes with your partner  - what did they see, what did they think, what has it left them wondering?



Report back to full class when you have completed your observations and talked with your partner. In the large group, participants will reflect on their “journeys”, specifically thinking about:

  • What was surprising to you?
  • What would you like to learn more about?
  • Which of the videos that you viewed did you find most intriguing, and why?
  • How might you leverage this content to teach others about another country?

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