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Requesting Confidentiality in the Title IX Process

If a Complainant reports an incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct and wishes to maintain confidentiality or requests that no investigation be conducted or disciplinary action be taken, the University must weigh that request against its obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all students and employees, including the Complainant.

If the University honors the request for confidentiality, a Complainant should understand that the University’s ability to meaningfully investigate the incident and pursue disciplinary action against the Respondent may be limited.

Although rare, there are times when the University may not be able to honor a Complainant’s request in order to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all students and employees. When weighing a Complainant’s request for confidentiality or that no investigation or discipline be pursued, the Title IX Coordinator will consider a range of factors, including the following:

If the University determines that it cannot maintain a Complainant’s confidentiality, the University will inform the Complainant prior to starting an investigation and will, to the extent possible, only share information with people responsible for handling the University’s response to the report of sexual assault, sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct.

Confidential Reporting Resources

If you want to speak to someone confidentially, you can choose to speak confidentially to one of the clinicians in the Counseling Center or the University Chaplain, and can do so without either of these parties disclosing your name (or the name of the accused) to Public Safety, Student Life, Human Resources or to the local Police Department, unless you are under the age of 18. You may also choose to contact the local Sexual Assault Services organization, who are not mandated reporters. The medical staff at the Student Health Center are required by California law to report sexual misconduct to local law enforcement authorities.

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