University of Redlands

Title IX Training Materials

In response to 34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10) of the 2020 Title IX Regulations that mandates the public sharing of materials used to train school and college Title IX team members. This page contains training information and materials for the Title IX Team. 

All In-House Training and ATIXA training materials are available upon request via email to the Interim Director of Equity and Title IX Coordinator, Brent Geraty at or can be viewed at 

Title IX Coordinator:  


Advisor’s Training: 

  • Advisors Role in Hearing – defining the roles of a Hearing Advisor, how to prep with the party, how to ask questions in a Hearing 

 Hearing Panelist: 

  • Hosted by law Firm Hirschfield Kraemer, September 2017 
  • In-House Training, planned for November 2020  

 Appeals Officers: 

  • In-House Training, 2018  
  • In-House Training, planned for fall 2020 

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