University of Redlands

Equity Advisors

Monique Stennis

Monique Stennis

Interim Director of Diversity Initiatives
University Communications
P 909.748.8471

I live to empower those around me. It is my privilege to be at the University of Redlands to serve and support the well-being of all Bulldogs. Presently, I am the interim director of Diversity Initiatives, leveraging my unique background and perspective to provide leadership to the Office of Campus Diversity and Inclusion.

I serve as vice president of the Black Student, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Association (BSFSAA). Fair and justice policies and processes are vital to creating a diverse and inclusive campus. For this reason, I am an Equity Advisor and former co-chair of the University-wide Council on Inclusiveness & Community.

Jennifer Tilton

Race & Ethnic Studies
P 909.748.8506

Hi! I am Jen. I am a mom, an advocate for more humane criminal justice policies, and a professor in the Race and Ethnic Studies Program, where I have taught since 2007. I want to be an Equity advisor because I care deeply about creating fair and just processes to support people through trying times in their lives. We all deserve to be heard, supported and valued in our workplaces, and to have someone walk beside us as we wade through sometimes complex and intimidating bureaucratic processes. 

Meg Ramiro Jackson

Meg Ramiro-Jackson

Associate Director
Event Services
P 909.748.8106

Hello, my name is Meagin Ramiro-Jackson, please feel free to call me Meg!  I’ve been a member of the Great Y Circus at the Redlands YMCA for over 21 years. As a youth instructor I’ve found joy and meaning in helping others achieve their goals and to see themselves through kinder eyes. As an Event Services team member I am lucky to come in contact with many different people on campus including staff, faculty, administrators, and students and it is my hope and honor to be a support person for our Bulldog community and to share compassion and kindness especially to those in need.

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