SOE Meeting and Event Support Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below if you are a SOE staff or faculty member who needs support with:

  • Submitting meeting or event details to the University’s Event Planning System (25Live)
  • Adding meeting or event details to the SOE Dean Calendar
  • Adding meeting or event details to the Monday Message (students) and Monday Morning Message (staff and faculty)

Event Terms

SOE Dean Calendar Request Form: Form to provide information for school calendars and the Monday message

SOE Dean Calendar: The Outlook calendar that houses SOE meetings and events

SOE News & Events page: Web page where upcoming School of Education-related events and event flyers are housed

Monday Messages: SOE newsletters that deliver information to students, faculty and staff about upcoming events, deadlines and current events

Monday Morning Message (MMM): intended audiences include staff, faculty, adjunct faculty and university supervisors. This newsletter contains internal meetings and events that are not intended for students

SOE Dean Calendar Support

To add your meeting or event to the SOE Dean Calendar, please choose from the two options below:

Option 1: Create the meeting invite through your personal Outlook calendar

-Be sure to include the meeting title, date, time, brief description and attendees

-Add as an attendee

-After invite is sent, Mariel Cruz (SOE Administrative Assistant) will receive and approve the meeting invite for SOE Dean

-Yessenia Yorgesen (Assistane Dean of Operations and Analytics) adds all SOE Dean meetings and events to the Monday Morning Message

-If you have a flyer, Maribel can add it to the SOE News & Events page at

-NOTE: To ensure your meeting information gets added to the Monday Morning Message, you must submit the information to SOE Dean no later than Tuesday of any given week

Option 2: Complete an SOE Dean Calendar Request Form


-This form is monitored by Maribel Cruz

-NOTE: Meeting information submitted by Tuesday of any given week will be added to the SOE Dean Calendar as well as the Monday Morning Message

Meeting and Event Space Support

For assistance reserving a space on campus for a meeting or event, please follow the guidelines below:

-Complete an SOE Room & Event Request Form


-This form is monitored by Maribel Cruz

-NOTE: If requesting a space on campus, this form must be submitted at least 8 days in advance

Support Contacts

Contact Maria Williams at for questions regarding:

-Access to Room & Event Request Form

-SOE Dean Calendar Request Form

-Trouble accessing Internal Meetings & Events Sites page

-Trouble viewing web version of SOE Dean Calendar

Contact Yessenia Yorgesen at for questions regarding:

-Monday Morning Message