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Institutional Review Board

Any research project involving human participants must be approved by the University of Redlands Institutional Review Board (IRB).​​

The University of Redlands IRB is charged with determining whether human subjects used in research conducted by University faculty, administrators, and students will be treated in accordance with the provisions in the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Research Subjects. On this website you can connect to the CITI Training website, download IRB forms, the procedures of the IRB, and connect to information about the IRBs and their activities.

IRB meeting dates

Friday, September 15, 2023, 11:00 AM
(applications requiring full board review due before 4:00pm on Thursday, September 7, 2023)​

Friday, October 20, 2023, 11:00 AM
(applications requiring full board review due before 4:00pm on Thursday, October 12, 2023)​


Friday, November 17, 2023, 11:00 AM
(applications requiring full board review due before 4:00pm on Thursday, November 9, 2023)​

Friday,  December 15, 2023, 11:00 AM
(applications requiring full board review due before 4:00pm on Thursday, December 7, 2023)​


Refer to the IRB FAQs  and the links below for answers to frequently asked questions about the IRB.

Amendments to Approved IRB Applications IRB Applications
Classroom Projects IRB Background
Confidentiality IRB Review
Human Subjects Research Qualtrics
Human Subjects Research Training Research Methods
Informed Consent Student Research
International Research Support


Assent and Consent Forms

Legacy Forms

For applications submitted prior to Sitero Mentor.

External Research Requests

Principal Investigators from other institutions who wish to request access to University of Redlands students, faculty, and/or staff and/or institutional data for human subjects research should send their request to Include the following with your request:

  • A brief description of the research and how human subjects from the University of Redlands will be involved.
  • The IRB approval letter from your institution.
  • A completed gatekeeper letter template.

Contact with questions.

Federal-Wide Assurance (FWA)

The University of Redlands IRB FWA number is FWA00023072.

IRB Manual



 Preparing and Submitting an IRB Application with Mentor, March 10, 2022 


Process for New Applications

See the IRB FAQs for instructions on how to submit IRB applications.

IRB Board and Contacts

The IRB consists of:

  • Alayne Sullivan (qualitative/quantitative social scientist)
  • Teri Longin (natural scientist)
  • Piers Britton (non-scientist)
  • Jody Pighin (external community member)
  • William Rocque (qualitative social scientist)
  • Riaz Tejani (qualitative/quantitative social scientist, Chair).

If you cannot find what you're looking for or have any questions, please e-mail Steven Moore, IRB Administrator.

Reporting Ethics Concerns

If you have concerns about human subjects research being conducted by the University of Redlands, report your concerns anonymously via the Ethics Reporting website. You may also contact the IRB Chair or the IRB Administrator to report concerns.

Examples of reportable concerns include:

  • failure to obtain IRB approval for a human subjects research project;
  • failure to follow research procedures as outlined in the protocol/research plan reviewed and approved by the IRB (this covers a wide range of issues, such as failure to obtain informed consent, failure to obtain IRB approval for study modifications, enrolling subjects who do not meet inclusion/exclusion criteria, altering visit schedules);
  • coercion or other mistreatment of human research subjects;
  • continuation of research activities after a study has expired;
  • failure to report unanticipated problems or adverse events (in a timely manner);
  • failure to follow the federal regulations, state and local laws, institutional policies governing human subject research, or the requirements or determinations of the IRB.