University of Redlands

Conflict Resolution Center

Our mission is to make the University of Redlands the most healthy, inclusive, and excellent community of scholars it can be by teaching, facilitating, and supporting a healthy approach to conflict.

About the CRC

The Conflict Resolution Center supports the University of Redlands community in navigating conflicts successfully. Conflicts vary in terms of scope, participants, context, and content. In addition, culture and individual identities shape the ways we perceive and respond to conflict. For these reasons, the Conflict Resolution Center utilizes an interdisciplinary and multifaceted framework and approach to conflict by incorporating scholarly and practical tools. We seek to move our understanding and adjudication of campus conduct beyond procedural justice to include social, restorative, and transformative justice.

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Student Resources

Experiencing a conflict?  Whether it’s with a friend, roommate, another member of a student organization, or faculty or staff member, conflicts happen. Learning to navigate conflicts is important to success in virtually any field, and a vital step in being a part of a community and having healthy, meaningful relationships with others. The CRC can help.

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Faculty & Staff Resources

The CRC assists faculty and staff members with managing conflict within the University of Redlands community. It offers guides and workshops for faculty, staff, and instructors on reducing instructional complaints, addressing conflict between students and colleagues, and incorporating restorative justice principles in the classroom. 

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Community Resources

The CRC promotes other community organizations that work to unite communities.

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Bias Incident Resources

A bias incident is conduct, speech, or expression that is motivated by bias, but does not rise to the level of a crime. Bias incidents encompass a broad spectrum of activity, such as silently avoiding contact with someone because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristics. Any bias incident or activity can jeopardize the active and open pursuit of education and opportunity within and beyond the Redlands community. The CRC is committed to addressing the harm caused by these incidents, repairing the harm through restorative and educational processes, and rebuilding the trust in our community where we all have the right to feel safe and included.

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Workshops and Events

The CRC offers workshops and events for the University community.

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