University of Redlands Staff & Administrators Assembly (URSAA) is excited to offer an opportunity this spring for professional development.


The strengths we possess as individuals and the value we add to our organizations should be obvious to us, but often times, it’s not.  Being intentional about knowing our value and understanding our strengths can give us clarity, provide motivation, and often inspire us.  When we identify our strengths and focus on them, we are more productive, perform better, are more engaged, and have greater joy in work and life (Gallup).  If this sounds like something you are seeking, join us to take the assessment starting on February 18th to be reviewed on Thursday February 28th from 11:30 - 1:00pm in Armacost Library #140 and Discover Your Strengths, and how to apply them in your professional and personal lives. 

In this workshop, you will gain a better understanding at the history and philosophy behind the StrengthsFinder assessment.  Additionally, you will gain a deeper understanding of your own natural talents and how to aim those talents in your work and life.  You’ll also get a sneak peek how to use your strengths in teams and as a leader! 

Session led by Kelly Dries, Executive Director of the Office of Career and Professional Development and certified Gallup StrengthsFinder coach


RSVP will be limited to first come, first served, for now with maximum participation 25 attendees.  If high interest exists, we will host additional workshops in the future.


RSVP - StrengthsFinder


  • Thursday  February, 14th Sign up Closes  
  • Monday February, 18th Window opens to take assessment - Friday February 22nd Window closes for assessment. Instructions for participants and access to follow.
  • Thursday February, 28th Review 11:30am - 1:00pm Armacost 140 to review results and discuss how to apply. 


Questions?  Please email Kristin Grammer ( or Cheyne Murray ( 


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