University of Redlands

University Village Project

Project Vision

Designed around the new Arrow line University Station, University Village is envisioned to be a sustainably developed, transit-oriented neighborhood with green spaces for community programming, diverse housing types, retail and restaurant destinations, a boutique hotel, and other amenities that will enhance the quality of life for all residents of Redlands.

The project description and images provided are conceptual in nature and are subject to change.

Long recognized as the heart and soul of the City of Redlands, the University of Redlands is launching an exciting new initiative called University Village to address the challenges of a dynamic community in an ever-changing world.

University Village is a sustainable, transit-oriented neighborhood adjacent to campus and the new University of Redlands rail station that will serve as a model community where residents, visitors, and innovators can live, work, and play— a gathering place for cultural and intellectual exchange that nurtures new ideas while celebrating Redlands’ rich heritage. University Village will offer an array of residential choices at diverse price points, a food hall, creative flex spaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and a boutique hotel with a rooftop bar/restaurant with views of the campus and the San Bernardino Mountains, all easily accessible from campus and fully integrated into the neighborhood fabric.

Surrounded by a village green and bordered by the historic Zanja, University Village plans to offer the highest level of environmental practices—from "cool streets" and recycled grey water for irrigation, to a power supply fueled by renewable energy sources, and opportunities to replace cars with alternative transportation modes, including the new Arrow commuter rail line and improved options for pedestrians and cyclists. Located on 30 acres on the southern side of the University of Redlands' campus, University Village will serve as the University's gateway to visitors arriving by car, bike, foot, or train.

University Village will be a community for the 21st century that residents from all walks of life will be proud to call home.

University Rail Station Pavilion and Village Updates

University of Redlands Rail Station unveiled for community

The University of Redlands community, city leaders, and the community of Redlands gathered to see the new rail station.

The new Arrow line train pavilion entrance at the University of Redlands campus.

New rail station pavilion provides welcoming gateway to the Redlands campus

The University Station pavilion, marking the last stop on the Arrow line train route, serves as the centerpiece for the University Village development.

Bulldog Blog
June 18, 2021

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University of Redlands Rail Station Pavilion Unveiling and Construction Time-lapse

The video was created before the unveiling of the new Arrow line station at the University of Redlands Campus.

Overall Project FAQ

How will University Village benefit local residents?

Developments such as University Village eliminate urban sprawl that harms the environment and costs the city more in maintenance and support. In addition to sustainably adding amenities, creating jobs, generating revenue for the City, the live-work-play-do environment in University Village will provide Redlands residents with a new village green—a public gathering space for the University and greater Redlands community, offering special events, farmers’ markets, seasonal celebrations and more. Initial input on conceptual designs for University Village was gathered from area residents and community members through a fall 2017 questionnaire and series of workshops. The University is currently in the final stages of selecting a developer for the project.

What is included in the University Village project?

It is anticipated University Village will contain housing units of varying sizes and retail opportunities that could include restaurants, offices, live-work spaces, and a boutique hotel.

What percentage of University Village will be devoted to open space?

About 35 percent of the total development site will be open space, including the historic Zanja creek. University Village contains much more open space, landscape, and setback areas than typical.

What type of buildings are included in University Village?

The project includes a mix of two-, three-, and four-story buildings. Due to the ample public and landscape spaces, four-story buildings are currently planned for only 30 percent of the total buildable site and are not located near traditional residential neighborhoods adjoining the project site.

Why is University Village key to the future of the University of Redlands?

A vibrant University Village will help attract and retain University of Redlands faculty, students, and staff, who increasingly desire a walkable and transit-connected neighborhood around the main campus. This development will provide an additional revenue stream for the University that will ease the pressure to increase tuition and thus help keep tuition affordable for future students. Finally, the development of University Village will help ensure the University survives and thrives as part of the city of Redlands well into the future.

Has the University reached out to the local community regarding the University Village project?

Yes, the University of Redlands has conducted extensive community outreach, including a survey sent to Redlands residents and community workshops dating back to 2017.

Are you planning to use the same developer for University Village as the developer selected for the downtown mall?

No, a different firm is under consideration.

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Op-Ed Pieces

When the community and the university come together, we can accomplish great things

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September 8, 2022

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