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So you wish to achieve web enlightenment as an Episerver Editor? Then you've come to the right place. Training is offered in a self-guided online format. You will follow video instruction to complete an assignment. Once verified, you will have access to edit your department's content on Think you have what it takes to become an editor? We think you do! Follow these steps and you will be updating content in no time.

1. Submit the request form

Step 1

Use the form below to request editor training. This will start the process of granting you access to the training area. You'll receive an immediate response that the request has been received.

2. Wait for access confirmation

Step 2

We'll need a few business days to get your myRedlands account access to the training area. Once completed, you will receive another email with details on how to get started.

3. Complete the training

Step 1

What is the best thing about self-guided online training? You can do it at any time! Log in and start when convenient. Start and stop as needed. Pajamas are optional but highly recommended.

4. Send a link for review

Step 2

Send the Web Team a link to your work for review when ready. Within a few business days, you'll be notified if you've met the requirements or if any changes need to be made.

5. Go make the web a better place!

Step 5

Once you pass the training requirements, you'll have access to edit your department pages. You won't go it alone as you will have access to support materials to keep your pages up to date and looking spiffy. Now, go be awesome!

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