Adelaide “Addie” Dawg

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B.A. Skateboarding, University of Redlands

M.A. Napping, University of Redlands

Ph.Dawg Adorablosophy, University of Redlands


Alumni House
P: 909.748.8000

Meet Addie

I am the first female mascot! I am a white and brown pooch that has mastered the art of posing for “selfies” with members of the University community, wearing the school colors maroon and grey, and inspiring U of R fans and athletes in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) competitions.

I was adopted from a lovely family in San Bernardino, who had raised me in their home with their children. I was named after the founding first lady of the University and wife to the first President, Jasper Newton Field. My trainer and best friend is Mary Littlejohn '03, '12. I'm her little sidekick! She is the  Assistant Director of Alumni and Community Relations, and our cause is the encouragement of more rescue animal adoptions, especially of bulldogs.

Courses Taught

DOG 101 Intro to Ruffing It

DOG 189 History of Squirrels

DOG 230 Contemporary Treats and Toys

DOG 242 Intermediate Footwear Gnawing Techniques

DOG 310 Your Cone of Shame is My Shame Too


2017-2018 Academic Year: Mascot in Training, University of Redlands - Redlands, CA

2017 Basic Obedience Dog Training, Enlighten Dogs - Redlands, CA


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Addie.  (2017). The Life of Addie: A Fabulous Dog.  In Encyclopedia of Dogs.  (pp. 35-55).  Redlands:  Coronado Publishing.  doi:  11.1107/948-7-319-19999-4_3040-1

Addie.  (2017). Thurber: A Bulldog.  Psychology of  Doggie Aging.  (pp. 751-777). U of R Press: Redlands, CA. 

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Littlejohn, M., and Addie. (2017). Chapter 5: The Art of Posing for Photos. A Guide for Mascots in Training. (pp. 75-93).  U of R Press: Redlands, CA.

Awards, Honors, Grants

Completed Basic Obedience Dog Training, University of Redlands. Redlands, CA. (October 20, 2017)

Innovative Mascot Award, University of Redlands. Redlands, CA (2017)

Mary Littlejohn Learning Award. Redlands, CA  (2017)

RUFF Summer Language Fellowships [Modern Bark; Barking]. University of Redlands. Redlands, CA (2017-2018)

Bone Institute Fellowship [Dog History]. Hound University. Redlands, CA  (2017)

Appleton Graduate Fellowship [Dog, Mascot]. University of Redlands. Redlands, CA (2017-2023)

Outstanding Dog, University of Redlands. Redlands, CA. (2017-2018)

Invited Presentations

Addie. "Wag'N Trails: Re-drawing the Walking Route." Redland's Dog Institute, Redlands (September  2, 2017).

Addie. "Tail Wagging." Mascot Wagging University of Redlands. Redlands, CA (July 29, 2017).

Addie. "Excavating the Bark." Invited Presentation. Doggie Workshop, Institute for the Study of Modern Barking. University of Doggie Bones. Redlands, CA  (May 15, 2017).

Addie. "The Life of a College Mascot." Keynote Address. Redlands University. Redlands, CA  (October 12, 2017).


Member of ASPCA

Member of American Kennel Club

Member of Best Friends Animal Society: Animal Rescue 

Member of Redlands Humane Society