How to update a Profile Page

This section provides support for profile pages found within the A–Z Directory on Resources found here will help make the creation of new pages and the update of existing pages as easy as possible.

Video: How to update a Profile Page

Create or update a Profile Page in four simple steps

1. Visit Example

Example Profile Page

Visit the Profile Page Example to see the layout and features of the template.

Visit Page

2. Gather Information

Profile Page Diagram

Refer to this labeled diagram to help plan for the information needed for the profile page update form.

Download Diagram

3. Submit Form

Profile Content Form

Ready to get started on updating or creating a profile page? Use this form to submit the information to the Web Team.

Visit Update Form

Please note that you will be prompted to log in before accessing the form.

4. Schedule Photo

Missing Profile Picture Placeholder

Need a photo or wish to update an existing image? We have an on-campus photographer available for profile photos.

See Photographer Availability

What's next?

After the A-Z Directory Profile Information Update Form has been submitted, the Web Team will start the process of updating the profile page.

The Web Team will either create a new page or convert an existing one to the new template. After the initial build of the page, the Web Team will turn the page over to the corresponding department editor for further editing and future updates.

Need a profile photo?

A photographer is available to take pictures for profile pages. If you are missing a photo or would like to update an existing one, please complete this Photography Request form