University of Redlands

Consent and release forms

We are often asked if we have release forms on file for students. The short answer: Yes. The long answer is: Yes, but with some caveats; read on.

If you are conducting your own photo shoots without our assistance, then please help us protect the University by requesting consent and release forms from the people featured in your photos—if not already covered by the guidelines explained below. And please always scan and email the completed forms to so we can keep them on file digitally.

Release forms for visitors to campus

When the public is invited to events at any of our campuses, or at events off-campus, then those events, places, and spaces are considered public and we do not ask event attendees to sign release forms. When in doubt, download and print copies of the “Photography and/or Filming in Progress” sign and post it at your event.

Release forms for students

Each August, UComm works with Students Affairs to ask all first-year and transfer students in the College of Arts & Sciences to sign a release form during orientation week. The signed forms are returned to our department, where they are scanned and filed in one large, alphabetized, searchable PDF on a closed, shared network. Physical originals are shredded.


Regional campus staff members in the School of BusinessSchool of Education, and Graduate School of Theology ask new students to sign consent and release forms at the beginning of their program. The staff members then scan and email completed forms to, and UComm files digitally in the same manner described above.

Because of this process, we do not ask current students to sign a release form when we single them out for a profile story, photo, or video. However, if we are notified a student would like to remove a photo from a web page, we will promptly do so and replace with a different image.

Release forms for faculty and staff

We ask faculty and staff to sign a release form when they have their photo taken for the A-Z Directory on, and we keep on file digitally.