University of Redlands

Response to social media post and affirmation of Bulldog values

To:  University Community

From:  Jeff Martinez, Director of Athletics

Date:  June 6, 2020

Re:  Response to Social Media Post and Affirmation of Bulldog Values

On Wednesday evening University leadership was made aware of a social media post from Football Coach Mike Maynard that has been causing distress in our community. The posting has been interpreted in different ways, including as words that stand in opposition to the core values of our institution. 

In a message I shared with many in the Athletics community last week I stated, “We must be unified in our commitment to the work that makes change happen. Work that makes our world better, richer, wiser, and just. It is our shared responsibility as coaches, staff, and student-athletes to listen to each other, to be heard by all, and to make a difference for the greater good.” I cannot simply speak of these responsibilities, I must act on them accordingly. Therefore, with guidance and support from University Dean Donna Eddleman, I have placed Coach Maynard on administrative leave without prejudgment. Dr. Eddleman has asked our Senior Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Christopher Jones Jr., to lead a formal review. He has agreed to do so. This process will begin in earnest.

I honor the feelings of all who are conflicted, angry, or hurting, and I remain committed to providing strong, ethical leadership during these challenging and uncertain times.