University of Redlands

University of Redlands to launch inaugural 'Giving Day'

Mark your calendars! On April 4, the University of Redlands will launch its inaugural “University of Redlands Giving Day,” a crowd-driven fundraising event to rally support for programs, outreach, and sports at the University. Over the span of 24 hours, anyone can visit and donate to a program or campus organization of their choice.

Adding to the buzz, several special challenges aimed at benefiting specific campus organizations, departments, or programs will be announced throughout the day.

“U of R Giving Day is not a spectator sport,” says Tamara Michel Josserand, vice president, advancement. “Your gift on April 4 will not only inspire others to donate, it will also have a greater impact due to generous Bulldog supporters who have funded multiple challenges.”

Redlands alumnus Chad Norton ’82 and his wife, Renee Norton, have already set up a matching challenge for Giving Day. “We want alumni to ask themselves, ‘What was it about Redlands that was special for me?’” Chad says. “Whatever it was, it didn’t just happen – someone helped to make it happen. Everyone can make a difference on Giving Day.”

Those who donate have complete control over where it goes – whatever matters most to them. On April 4, participate in the excitement on and click on challenges and leaderboards to see real-time results. Share on social media with #urallin.