University of Redlands

Business scholars honored at University of Redlands

L-R: Matthew Rigel '18; Henry Stuckenschmidt '18; Zoe Becquart '18; Cooper Sailer '18; Makenzi Hughes '18; Finley Nahn '18; Nayeli Lopez-Romo '18; Max Ahrens '18; Christopher Pavlov '18; Professor Jack Osborn

Global Business Program majors, faculty, alumni, and advisory board members gathered for the Ninth Annual Global Business Dinner at the University of Redlands to celebrate of U of R’s Global Business Department and its students. Dean Kendrick Brown talked about the many scholarships available to Global Business students, enabling them to study at international institutes and take part in hands-on experiences in business across the globe. These opportunities include:

The Schroeder Global Business Summer Language Scholarship, made possible by Jim’65 and Althea Schroeder, lets Global Business majors study foreign languages intensively abroad. This year’s recipients, who will be studying this summer in Germany, Spain, Argentina, France, and China, are: Kirk McCreary ’20, Hunter Adamo ’20, Yuli Zheng ’19, Rachel Wilkin ’20, Jessica Marshall ’20, Mara Sherline ’20, Anh Do ’21, Giselle Martinez ’20, and Megan Houston ’20. 

The Hanson Summer Service Scholarship, made possible by Dan ’75 and Durene ’75 Hanson, will support four students who will travel to Rwanda, South Africa, Colombia, and Thailand in 2018. 

The Summer Harris Scholarship for Marketing and/or Fashion, established in May 2017 by Rob Harris, founder and president of Pacific Market International, made it possible for Bryce Wilson ’19 to attend the Panamanian Kalu Yala Institute last summer and will support five students in the summer of 2018. 

The Finance Award, established last year by an anonymous donor, enables three freshmen or sophomore Global Business students to spend nine weeks studying finance intensively at the London School of Economics. In 2017, then-freshmen Elvis Begić ’20, Giselle Martinez ’20, and I received the scholarship, which will support sophomores Hunter Adamo ’20, Kirk 

McCreary ’20, and Sarah Taquet ’20 in studies in London this year.

A Global Business Learning Lab grant, made possible by Jobar International, Inc., was awarded to Dakota Hughes ’18 and Kiana Molitor ’18. 

Through the Jordan A. Korinke Memorial Endowment for Experiential Learning, made possible by Kim Stafford Korinke ’00 and Ryan Korinke, Giselle Martinez ’20 is the inaugural recipient of this award, internship, and opportunity for practical learning experiences. 

In addition to scholarships, opportunities for Global Business students are provided by the Wilke Career Pathways Program, endowed by U of R Trustee and Global Business Advisory Board member Chuck Wilke ’64, in which students network with the program’s alumni in diverse fields. Dozens of donors also contribute to a Global Business Student Success fund, which also supports the program’s students in a variety of engaging ways throughout the year.