University of Redlands

School of Music presents Beethoven’s No. 9 to benefit those in need

This event has been postponed. The concert is now scheduled for Feb. 13, 2018. Details are forthcoming. For information regarding tickets purchased, please email

REDLANDS, California (May 6, 2017) – Students from the University of Redlands School of Music, conducted by Associate Professor of Choral Studies Joseph Modica, will present Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 at 8 p.m. Sunday, May 21 in the Memorial Chapel to benefit Family Services Association of Redlands and The Center at Blessed Sacrament in Hollywood. 

For three weeks in May leading up to the concert, students will collect clothing and other usable items to be donated to the Family Service Association as part of their service learning at Redlands. Cash and item donations will be accepted at the concert. Suggested donations include gift cards and clothes to be distributed to those in need within the Redlands community. 

The Center at Blessed Sacrament helps homeless individuals transition from the street into permanent housing and offers mental health counseling, job training, and other social services to the homeless community in Hollywood.