University of Redlands

Professor hopes to feature ‘new and novel’ work in journal

As editor of Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Catherine Salmon will strive to engage readership and gain the attention of scholars

REDLANDS, California (Jan. 17, 2017)—The new year brings a new role for Redlands Psychology Professor Catherine Salmon as editor of Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences (EBS), a quarterly journal of the American Psychological Association focused on the study of human behavior from an evolutionary perspective. 

Advancing from her previous role as associate editor, Salmon plans to publish more interdisciplinary work and expand readership of the journal to scholars outside of the field of psychology. “I’d like to see more new, cutting-edge work: interdisciplinary approaches to topics that haven’t been examined in that way much before,” she says. “I want EBS to be the journal where new and novel work that’s interesting and sometimes controversial is found.”

With expertise in evolutionary psychology, family relationships, and human sexuality, Salmon has co-authored two books—“Warrior Lovers: Erotic Fiction, Evolution and Female Sexuality” and “The Secret Power of Middle Children”—and written chapters for numerous other books. She earned a BSc. in biology and Ph.D. in psychology at McMaster University.  Read full interview with Catherine Salmon