University of Redlands

Internal communications

Do you have an announcement to send to the University community? We’ve developed some policies and procedures to help streamline this process.


Mass internal announcements should communicate information that is necessary, appropriate, and relevant to the awareness, interests, health, welfare, and academic or work experience of the internal audience(s) to whom they are addressed.  

Audiences and lists

Emails should be addressed only to the relevant, designated internal list(s). Typically, mass emails are sent to the following segments:

  • “University Community,” which includes all full-time faculty (about 240 individuals); all adjunct faculty with an active email account (about 520); all students in all levels, Schools, departments, and campus locations (see below for student segment numbers); and all staff and administrators (about 720). The list may include University retirees and on-campus contractors (Harvest Table, Bookstore).
  • “Faculty and Staff” or “Benefits-eligible Employees,” which include all faculty, administrators, and staff with a email address, in the quantities noted above. This may include on-campus contractors. It does not include student employees. 
  • “Students,” which includes any or all of “CAS Students” (about 2,530), “School of Education Students” (about 800), and “School of Business Students” (about 1,230). 


All requested announcements are subject to editing for style and standards, clarity, correctness, and/or conciseness. With the exceptions noted below, all announcements must be:

  • Authorized by the divisional vice president, dean, or any President’s Cabinet member
  • Submitted to for processing, which will include categorization, formatting, editing/quality control, and scheduling of release.
  • Submitted 48 hours in advance of the desired/required release time.

Exceptions include select messages from Information Technology Services (ITS): IT outage and service restoration notifications; eTime system issues; any time-sensitive but non-emergency systems- or infrastructure-related announcements; and “University Announcements/URGENT University Announcements.”

In addition, To-Students-only announcements for a single school or Student-to-Student announcements have a different process:

    • If related to academics, the email must be reviewed/approved by and submitted to the relevant academic dean or provost for distribution
    • If the message is Student Affairs/non-academic in nature and relates to a single school, for example the College of Arts and Sciences, it must be reviewed/approved by the University Dean of Student Affairs, whose office can also distribute these messages; multiple-school student announcements should be submitted to for processing.

Announcement categories, naming, and examples

  • “URGENT University Announcement”
    • Emergency, disaster, imminent, or serious/continuing threat warning
    • Accompanied by Bulldog Alert phone/text/email notification, homepage notice, and possibly Alertis emergency notification system announcements
  • “University Announcement”
    • Non-emergency but major University news or announcement
    • President’s Memo
    • Provost’s Memo
    • Government-mandated report or other announcements
  • “BULLDOG” Announcements:
    • “Bulldog Benefits”: HR – employee benefits notices only
    • “Bulldog Business”: HR – all other, facilities notices, parking, construction, spaces, campus logistics, schedules/deadlines (e.g., holiday closure schedule), organization changes (e.g., some departures or restructurings, some new hires or retirements), clarifications, instructions, routine notifications, URSAA business memos, and surveys (e.g. Rideshare)
  • “Bulldog Bash!”: Social and party events only
    • Holiday party, tree lighting
    • URSAA picnics
    • Some receptions
  • “Bulldog Bulletin”: Non-party events and ticketed public events, and some University news and information items
    • Speaking events, performing arts events, Feast of Lights
    • Art exhibitions, senior shows, Our House (can also go out through the provost/dean)
    • Convocation, Commencement programming
    • Department or School Open House (can also go out through a dean)
    • Blood drives, charitable events
    • Redlands Forums/other Town & Gown
    • Other news or info of note – nice to share, but not rising to the “University Announcement” level
  • “Bulldog Be Safe”
    • Non-emergency Security Advisory from Public Safety
    • Routine safety notices or reminders (e.g., Safety Committee, some Environmental Health and Safety Department notices)
    • Health notices (heat advisories, vaccinations, illness outbreaks, etc.) 

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