University of Redlands

Virtual backgrounds for video conferencing

Follow these steps to take advantage of University of Redlands-branded virtual backgrounds for your meetings on Webex, Teams, and Google Hangouts.

1. Install Snap Camera

The virtual backgrounds are conveniently available as lenses within the Snap Camera desktop app. You'll use this app as a companion with your favorite video chat platform. The app is free and easy to use on PC and Mac. This short how-to video provides installation and operation instructions for Teams, WebEx, and Google Hangouts.

2. Find Lenses

Launch Snap Camera and enter University of Redlands in the Search Lenses field.


Click on a lens to activate it. Click it again to turn it off.

Take advantage of the Favorites feature by clicking on the star icon of each lens you want to save. You can access your favorites quickly through the star icon in the upper-left of the Snap Camera app.

3. Update camera settings

In the meeting platform of your choice, select Snap Camera in the device settings. This will bring in the virtual background. Don't see Snap Camera as an option? You may have to restart any meeting platform that was running while installing the app. The example below shows Teams. For info on how to accomplish this in WebEx and Google Hangouts, please see the video in step one.



Please note that in your preview window, the background image will appear reversed, but the participants in your video conference will be able to see it correctly.