Student Teaching Schedule 

Student Teachers will complete 70-days* of student teaching at their placement site. A model of a typical schedule can be found in the Student Teaching Handbook and here

*If you have 35-day student teaching placement due to already holding a credential or for a repeat student teaching experience, please contact your designated Academic Advisor for the adjusted 35-day schedule.

All evaluation forms will be provided to students via their Student Teaching Course Moodle. Please discuss any questions about the Moodle or forms with your Student Teaching Course Instructor/your designated Academic Advisor


Student Teaching Schedule Policies

The student teaching experience is for 70 days. While student teaching 100% attendance is expected from the candidates. The candidates are required to be at the school during the same hours as the regular teachers.

Per the California Commission of Teaching Credentialing/CTC expectations, all teacher candidates must fulfill 600 hours of fieldwork across the arc of the program. Additionally, there must be 4 weeks of solo or co-teaching or the equivalent (see Standard 3: Clinical Practice of the Preliminary Multiple Subject and Single Subject Credential Program Standards). Candidates complete 40 hours of early fieldwork in their courses before advancing to student teaching. When candidates participate in 70 days student teaching, while following the guidelines of the Student Teaching Schedule, they complete 560 hours of fieldwork and fulfill CTC’s requirements.

Due to differing academic calendars of school sites, the candidate’s final day of student teaching will differ from their peers. It is the responsibility of the candidate to identify their final day of student teaching. Candidates will plan 70 days of student teaching using their school site’s academic calendar. The first day of student teaching will begin on the first day of the University of Redlands’ semester schedule (unless otherwise indicated due to school site’s needs). Holidays, including Spring Break or Thanksgiving Break, will not be counted among these 70 days. Candidates will identify their final day and share this day with the Cooperating Teacher, University Supervisor and the Office of Student Success (via their Student Teaching course Instructor) by the end of second week of student teaching.

The candidates can be absent up to 3 days due to illness or emergency. If a candidate is absent more than 3 days, those absences need to be made up in a one-to-one ratio. In the event of an absence, candidates need to notify their Cooperating Teacher, University Supervisor (if a meeting was scheduled), and the Office of Student Success (via The candidates must leave lesson plans and materials for their class in their absence.