Frequently Asked Questions

School of Business & Society New Students

How do I check into my first class?

You will receive an email on the first week of class instructing you to login to the application portal to check-in. This will let us know that you are all set. All new students must check-in.

What if I miss my first class meeting?

If you need to miss class, please contact your instructor immediately and notify your enrollment counselor of your absence.

My name is not on the class roster. What should I do?

If you registered for the course and your name is not on the roster, or if you cannot access the course in your Moodle account, contact your enrollment counselor immediately.

Where is my classroom?

For students attending the main campus in Redlands, please view our interactive map. Regional campus students will find classroom details at their respective campus.

My class is on-ground but I can’t make it in-person. Can I login from home?

No. You will not be able to log into an on-ground (in-person) course from home. Talk to your enrollment counselor about changing to an online live (synchronous) section.

Where do I find my course syllabus?

Course syllabi are posted two weeks prior to the start of each course in your Moodle account.

It is recommended that you begin to check your Moodle account as soon as you gain access (approximately three days after you register) so that you are aware of assignments and reading that need to be completed prior to the first night of class.

How do I access my student email or Moodle account?

To access your University of Redlands email and Moodle accounts, you will be assigned a login and password that will be emailed to your personal account about eight business days after your registration has been processed. If you register less than a week before your first course begins, you may experience a delay in receiving your login and password.

Where can I find Financial Aid and Military Benefit information?

If you applied for financial aid, you will receive a letter from the Student Financial Services office three to four weeks after you register. If you do not have this letter two weeks before class starts, please contact Student Financial Services.

If you have any specific questions pertaining to financial aid and military benefits, please feel free to contact the following staff:

Diana Resendez
Student Financial Services Coordinator
Last names beginning with A–J

Cheryl Matta
Student Financial Services Coordinator
Last names beginning with K–Z

Monique Pope
Director of Military and Veteran Services

When will I receive my billing statement?

Billing statements are available in the Self-Service portal under “Student Finance.” If you have questions, reach out to your Student Financial Services Coordinator.

How do I access the University of Redlands App and Virtual ID Card?

Where do I get my student ID?

You can find your virtual ID card in the University of Redlands mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play. To view your virtual ID card in the mobile app, tap on "ID" under "MyRedlands."

Do I need a parking pass?

If you are attending a regional campus, you do not need a parking pass. If you are bringing your vehicle(s) to the main campus in Redlands, you must register your vehicle online.

Where can I find textbook information? Where can I purchase my textbooks?

You will need your textbooks before the first day of class. Textbook information can be found in the syllabus. 

The required course materials will be posted on our bookstore website 30 days prior to the start of each course (please bookmark this page for future use). There may be reading and/or other assignments required prior to the first night of class, therefore we recommend you purchase your textbooks as soon as they are posted online.

Online Bookstores

When do I need to take the Inbound Assessment?

You must complete this assessment two weeks before the end of your first semester in the program. Otherwise, you will not be able to register for courses for the next semester during open registration.

Note: MSOL students must complete this assessment while enrolled in the MGMT633 course. This assessment does not apply to MSBA students.

What is the Peregrine Onboarding Assessment?

What format do I have to use when writing papers?

APA style is the required format for writing papers. Please purchase an APA style guide prior to the first night of class. The guide can be purchased online or at the bookstore.

Where can I find student planning information? How do I register for a course or drop a course?

Effective September 1, 2017, all School of Business & Society students are required to self-register for classes using Student Planning. The Student Planning system is available for all students through the myRedlands portal. In Student Planning, you will have access to your student record system, where you can check your course schedule, view unofficial transcripts, review your grades, request enrollment verification, and so much more.

Students may plan courses at any time. It is recommended that you plan your courses and request approval in advance so that during your open registration time all you need to do is register. 

Below are some resources to assist you with registration and navigating student planning:

2021-2022 Academic Calendar

The Self-Registration Information handout will walk you through the best practices for registration and pre-registration.

To learn more about the self-registration process using Student Planning, please review the video tutorial series below.

If you have any questions, please contact your Student Success Advisor.

Student Planning Overview
This introductory video will review how to log in to and navigate Student Planning. 

How to Search, Plan and Register for Classes
This second video in the Student Planning and Registration Video Tutorial Series will walk you through how to search for courses, plan the selected courses to your schedule, and register for the courses.

Dropping a Course
This third video in the Student Planning and Registration Video Tutorial Series will walk you through how to drop a course, how to add and drop a course at the same time, and how to drop a course outside of your registration period. 

Viewing Your Progress for Undergraduates
This fourth video in the Student Planning and Registration Video Tutorial Series will provide an overview of your Progress screen as well as degree completion requirements for your bachelor’s degree.

Viewing Your Progress for Graduate Students
This final video in the Student Planning and Registration Video Tutorial Series will provide an overview of your Progress screen as well as degree requirements for your master’s degree.

Where can I get the latest COVID-19 information?

Please refer to our COVID-19 Preparedness page for the latest information on updated guidelines regarding our return to campus.