University of Redlands

Timeline of Major Activities and Events in Conjunction with Reaffirmation of June 2022

  • September 2019: form WSCUC Reaffirmation Steering Committee
  • October 2019: visit of WSCUC liaison, Dr. Tamela Hawley, to review process for the upcoming Institutional Review
  • Spring/Summer 2020: outreach to campus community; committee work on supplying evidence for WSCUC Criteria for Review
  • Fall 2020: collaborative inquiry into the required components of the Institutional Report
  • Spring 2021: Draft and vet Institutional Report with campus community
  • September 2021: Submit final Institutional Report
  • November 30, 2021: Offsite Review (OSR)
  • Fall 2021/Spring 2022: Develop and submit response to OSR and Lines of Inquiry
  • April 6-8, 2022: WSCUC Accreditation Visit
  • June 2022: WSCUC Reaffirmation Decision

The Self-Study

The self-study is the institution’s process of gathering data and reflecting on its current functioning and effectiveness under the Standards. At the beginning of the Institutional Review Process, the self-study provides the necessary preparation for later steps, but self-study continues throughout the two to three years of review for reaffirmation. A candid self-study, with broad engagement of the institutional community, provides the foundation for a high quality institutional report.

Informational one-sheet