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University of Redlands diversity measures aim for a better institution

Southern California Newspapers report on the changes are starting to be made as some of the diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives announced in June come to fruition.

U of R chemists uncover how sour beer gets so sour

While it has recently grown in popularity among beer enthusiasts, sour beer is now drawing attention in chemistry research circles as well.  Thanks to research from the University of Redlands, brewers might soon be able to better understand the sour beer aging process to control flavor outcomes.


Students mobilize to increase voter awareness and engagement

“We want to make sure people are aware of everything that's going on, such as smaller local elections and why they matter and why the people we put into office—not just candidates at the top of the ballot—are important. While this is obviously an election year, we want to make sure to keep the momentum going. It doesn’t stop after November 3.”