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Top 5 Tips for Working from Home Securely

Learn how to protect yourself at home, this simple tip sheet covers the five most critical steps to securing a home working environment.

Working From Home Securely

Tips for Secure Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a key part of staying connected while working at home. However, this technology is new for many and often changing. Here are key tips on how to use video conferencing software securely for both individuals hosting a conference and those attending.

Video Conferencing For Organizers

Video Conferencing For Attendees

Securing Your Kids Online

With school districts moving to eLearning formats, this is a fantastic opportunity for children to try new technologies — and also face potential security risks.  As such, please view the following training materials on how to secure your kids online, including two videos, a recent SANS webcast “Securing Your Kids.”

Protecting Your Kids Online

Creating a Cyber Secure Home

Securing Your Kids