University of Redlands


Education & Outreach

Adance the University of Redlands to the forefront of teaching.

Plan Focus

  • Provide effective IT services that improve learning outcomes and reduce the cost of instruction.
  • Establish an innovative continuous improvement model that encourages and enables new and improved modes of instruction.
  • Increase opportunities for access to existing and new knowledge acquisition.

Goals and Objectives

Goal #1: Create a Technology- Supported Ecosystem  


  • Learning content repository.  
  • New Learning Management System that supports multiple modalities. 
  • Learning analytics tools.

Goal #2: Transform Learning Spaces 


  • Transform learning spaces to support new pedagogical models (e.g., flexible, active, flipped).
  • Increase the availability of active learning spaces.
  • Main Campus.
  • Classroom technology renovations.
  • Fletcher Jones Computing Center renovation.
  • New makerspace. 
  • Collaborative learning spaces. 
  • Regional Campuses.
  • Create “executive” teleconference spaces. 
  • Improve quality of service for traditional classrooms.

Goal #3: Mobilize Teaching & Learning Services  


  • Pursue a mobile-first strategy for all new applications. 
  • Invest in virtual lab and virtual desktop capabilities. 
  • Implement platform agnostic teaching & learning services.
  • Upgrade teleconferencing technology infrastructure at all campuses. 
  • Regional Campuses  
  • Replace fixed computer labs with BYOD and laptop kiosks. 
  • Extend mobile app and presence platforms to students. 

Goal #4: Provide Multiple Technology Training Channels 


  • Expand self-service training resources. 
  • Take face-to-face training to stakeholders.
  • Leverage existing cloud-based training services.

Goal #5: Support and Encourage an Innovative Environment and Continuous Improvement   


  • Scale up instructional designer capacity. 
  • Mobile VR kits. 
  • Utilize metrics and analytics to assess and evaluate effectiveness of IT services for teaching and learning.