University of Redlands

2018-2019 URSAA Officers

Wes Head
Associate Director of Enterprise Services, ITS

Wes has been with the U of R for 9 years and in his current position for 2.5 years.  He appreciates that he works in an environment where he’s supported and able to be heard and impact change, both within his own department and across the University as a whole.  He has served on the Professional Development Committee for over two years and is currently its Co-Chair.  As Vice President, Wes will continue to work to bring ideas into action and encourage people to get involved because when “you connect with people and ideas, your circle grows and the time you spend at work becomes more fulfilling.”  With 5 kids, most of Wes’s free time is spent engaged with them, watching them grow and change. 

On rare occasions, he gets an opportunity to be out before dawn with his camera and enjoys photographing places that people rarely see during those quiet times.


Heather Lambeth

Project Specialist, Dean's Office, School of Education

President/President Elect

Heather has been with the U of R for 4 years and 8 months, and in her current role for 1 year and 8 months.  Heather enjoys the people that work at the University and says they are always helpful and friendly.  She also appreciates that she has opportunities to grow professionally.  Heather has served as the Secretary for URSAA’s Professional Development Committee for several years.  She feels that URSAA is in an exciting phase of having many great ideas from its members.  She hopes to continue the process of making these ideas a reality to increase URSAA involvement and enjoyment. 

In her free time for fun, Heather gardens two plots at SURF, snowboards, visits Disneyland and Universal Studios, and reads a lot of books.



Lauren URSAA pic.PNG

Lauren Chamberlin

Student Financial Services, Associate Director of Compliance







Khanhvy Nguyen

Khanhvy Nguyen

Project Specialist, School of Business


Khanhvy has been with the U of R for 4 years and 6 months and in her current role for 3 years and 2 months. She loves working in a student-centered environment and appreciates the relationships she developed over the years in the pursuit of helping students achieve their academic and career goals. She is excited by the opportunity to contribute to the growth and spirit of building a more thriving community as a member of URSAA



In her free time, she likes to sleep, read, play Mario Kart with friends, spend time with her loved ones.