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New Login Page Support

On Tuesday, August 24th, a new security and login system will be implemented on and The new system is required to expand the future capabilities of the public website.

How does the change affect Episerver CMS editors and content reviewers?

Other than a new login screen, most of the changes will be invisible to the Redlands community. The new login screen will present a few options to access restricted content depending on the type of visitor. For Episerver CMS editors and other University members accessing secure pages on the site, you will choose "Log in with myRedlands" under the "Login Provider" section. The new system leverages Single Sign-On (SSO) with a MyRedlands account. Signing in as an Episerver CMS editor will now have the same experience as other password-protected systems on campus, such as email and SharePoint pages. Once you log in, the editing experience within the Episerver CMS is the same. The login addresses for editors are still the same: and

What about editors that are outside of Redlands, like marketing partners that assist with website content?

A new "Local Account" option will be used to grant access to partners and visitors outside of the University who do not have a MyRedlands account. If your department contracts with external vendors that assist with website content, they must create a new account as their current accounts will be retired once the new system is in place. A separate support page has been created to provide more info.

When will the new system go live?

The current expectation of the new system is Tuesday, August 24th, before noon PST.

How will I log into the Episerver CMS using the new system?

Once the new system is in place, you may continue to use the current Episerver CMS login URLs of and Choose the "Log in with myRedlands" under the "Login Provider" section. Once you log in, the editing experience within the Episerver CMS is the same.

Please watch this demonstration of the new login experience.

Questions? Trouble?

We have done our best to minimize the new system's impact on your experience as an Episerver CMS editor. If you have any questions or you run into trouble after the new system is in place, please let the Web Team know.

Common Login Issue: Cached URL

If you are having trouble logging in, please review if you are on the old or new login page. Your browser may have cached the old login URL. To resolve this issue, please be sure to force your browser to use the new login URL by visiting The old and new login screens are illustrated below.

Old Log In Screen


New Log In Screen