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Please fill out this form to update your profile page on www.redlands.edu. The email address below will be used for confirmation emails and any questions the Web Team may have about your submission.

Please refer to this diagram to get an understanding of how content appears on a completed profile page. A detail image from the example will introduce each section of the form to provide context.

A live example of the page can be found here. Log in with your myRedlands credentials when prompted. Do not include @redlands.edu in Name field.

Profile Contact Information

This information appears at the top of the profile page.

Profile Contact Information

Profile Photo

If a photo is needed, please connect with creative@redlands.edu to schedule an appointment.

If a profile photo has already been taken by a Creative Team photographer, the Web Team will locate the photo and add it to the profile page.

Body Content

This information appears in the main body area of the page.

Body Content Area

Additional Media (optional)

There is an opportunity to display either a video, an image, or a gallery of images on the profile page. Please let us know if you would like to add additional media to the page.

Additional media to add

Image or gallery of images

We will contact you for the image(s) to add to the profile.

More About You Accordion Block

This collapsible block appears under the body content area. Information is presented in a list format. Please enter items on separate lines. Sections are optional however we strongly urge that Courses Taught and Experience be completed. Empty sections will be hidden from visitors.


More About You/Accordion Block

More About You/Accordion Block

More About You/Accordion Block

More About You/Accordion Block

More About You/Accordion Block

More About You/Accordion Block

More About You/Accordion Block

Sidebar Content

Social Media Accounts (optional)

Social media accounts may be listed on the profile page. The most common types are listed below. Please paste the URLs in the appropriate boxes below. If this account is active on more than one platform, please identify which account would be considered the primary.

More About You/Accordion Block

Links and Sites (optional)

Websites or links to other URLs associated with this profile may be displayed. These destinations can be webpages or links to videos. Please enter the name/description and URL for each link.

More About You/Accordion Block

Media Appearances

Links to media appearances or mentions in online articles may be added to this profile. Please enter the name/description and the URL for each link.

More About You/Accordion Block


Downloadable content may be added to the profile page such as a CV or a high-res headshot. Please convert all text or Word documents to PDF before uploading.

More About You/Accordion Block

Anything else?

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