University of Redlands

University of Redlands vision project aided by state funding

On Thursday, November 3, State Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh will join University of Redlands President Krista L. Newkirk to officially present a check for $2 million to build a walkable connection between the University’s main campus and its future University Village project. The walkway will also connect the University to the newly constructed University Station, which houses the Arrow Rail line.

“This walkway will serve as a critical connection between our campus, the Redlands community, and through the train, Southern California,” Newkirk said. “This funding, provided through the advocacy of Senator Ochoa Bogh, is a transformational step in completing the vision for University Village, a project that will have a tremendous impact on the community and University.”

In addition to Ochoa Bogh, Newkirk was joined by City of Redlands Mayor Paul Barich, and several University trustees and students, to highlight the benefits the University Village project will bring to the area.

“I am privileged to be a part of this project and am very grateful to have been trusted to advocate,” said Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh. “This funding is not only for students and their success but also for the success of our surrounding communities. I look forward to watching University Village transform and help improve the lives of our residents.”

University Village will include a public park for community programming, a daycare center, retail and restaurant destinations, a boutique hotel, and other amenities that will enhance the quality of life for all residents of Redlands.

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