University of Redlands

A message from University of Redlands Mascot Adelaide, aka 'Addie': I'm graduating!

To my fellow Bulldogs,

I recently received confirmation from the Registrar's office that I have met all qualifications to graduate, including hundreds of community service hours, honors as a scholar-athlete, and high marks in government, international relations, leadership, education, and human-animal studies. Therefore, I will be graduating with my class of 2022.

Addie Grad 2021.jpgIt is a bittersweet announcement because I love my Bulldog family and I will be a Bulldog for Life (literally, I have no choice). From the time I worked as an intern with our mascot emeritus, Thurber, I knew the University of Redlands was the right choice for me and my four years here have proven that to be true. I have enjoyed every game and match in Bulldog Athletics and loved representing U of R to support my fellow Bulldogs.

All of us graduating seniors know that as much as we would like to stay on our beautiful campus forever, we all must move forward. Like many of those in my class, I will be pursuing master's work—refining my roll, finessing my fetch, and swimming (soaking my paws in the pool).

If you’re not already following me, you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @urmascot.

If you see my "Ma" Mary Littlejohn on campus, thank her for the incredible work making my experience at Redlands amazing, not just for me but also for the campus community.

Congratulations Class of 2022! We did it!

Just in case you have additional questions:

Q. Why is Addie leaving?

A. Addie has recently had some health struggles related to her particular sensitivity to heat, and (like many of us) struggled with her return to social interactions after being isolated for so long due to the pandemic.  Because her temperament and health weren’t a good match for the demanding lifestyle of mascot, it is time for her to enjoy her post-graduate life in a climate-controlled, loving home that will resolve those issues.

Q. Where will Addie live?

A. Addie will continue to live with Mary Littlejohn and family.

Q. Will there be a new mascot?

A. When Addie assumes the title of Mascot Emeritus, the University will welcome a new Bulldog mascot. The new mascot will then take over the @urmascot handle on social media. We are excited to share more information soon.

Q. Who will be the next mascot handler?

A. Mary Littlejohn has served tirelessly in the mascot handler role but is ready to step down and while remaining Assistant Director of Alumni & Community Relations. Anyone interested in becoming the University’s next mascot handler should contact