University of Redlands

U of R partners with Firefighters First Credit Union

The University of Redlands is collaborating with Firefighters First Credit Union to offer employees the opportunity to advance their education through an on-site bachelor’s degree program.  This strategic partnership is one of several established this year to provide working professionals access to the University’s highly acclaimed degree programs. 

“Our programs provide a personalized education that will enable Firefighters First Credit Union employees to pursue their business passions and career aspirations,” said Thomas Horan, dean of the University’s School of Business.  “This unique program complements their work/life balance, while teaching 21st-century skills they can use for their professional, organizational, and societal advancement.” 

In addition to Firefighters First Credit Union, the University of Redlands partners with more than 400 organizations—including community colleges, public agencies such as law enforcement and city government, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  The programs use a cohort-based approach with numerous one- and two-year options for graduate students and innovative pathways for undergraduate students.