University of Redlands

University signs agreement with Redlands Unified for guaranteed admission

A University of Redlands education is now possible for all students in the Redlands Unified School District after an agreement signed at the district's board meeting Nov. 15. Noting the long history of partnership between the district and the University, UR President Ralph Kuncl, RUSD Superintendent Lori Rhodes, and RUSD Board President Patty Holohan signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) ensuring all RUSD graduates who meet the requirements will be guaranteed admission to UR. 

President Kuncl said many students don't think of the University in their backyard when planning for college, and that others believe a private college education isn't affordable for them. The MOU agreement, he said, represents what is possible for RUSD students in the future, beginning in 2017.

The agreement includes:

  • Guarantee of a seamless admission
  • $10,000 minimum scholarship to every admitted student
  • Four-year graduation pledge
  • Overnight campus visits for students

UR Vice President for Enrollment Kevin Dyerly and UR mascot Thurber joined the RUSD Board for the signing of this historic partnership.