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Dr. Scott Randolph named Professor of the Year 2016

Students have described Assistant Professor of Business Administration Scott Randolph as “exceptional,” “encouraging,” “dedicated” and “challenging.” 

On March 8, the Students of Mortar Board will present him as College of Arts and Sciences 2015-2016 Professor of the Year at a President’s High Table.

No stranger to the student-driven award process, Randolph has been nominated for the honor every year since 2012. The award itself has existed since 1959.

“What I admire about Dr. Randolph is his dedication to upholding the standards of the classroom,” wrote one student in the survey asking students to nominate a professor. “Although his class is challenging, he does not ask you to do something that he would not do himself.”

Another student wrote “he strives for and demands excellence from his students,” and “his methods of teaching are by far the best I have experienced.”

Randolph noted that he was deeply honored and humbled to have received this honor.  “For me there are two honors here, one is the selection itself, and the other is to have been considered worthy of inclusion within such a superlative group of fellow nominees. It provides such powerful evidence of the ways in which Redlands is truly a place where teaching is honored, respected and rewarded.”

Other nominees this year were Mathematics Professor Sandy Koonce, Chemistry Professor Teri Longin, Political Science Professor Greg Thorson and Assistant History Professor Patrick Wing.

Randolph graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in history and went on to receive his master’s from the University of Akron. He later earned his Ph.D. from Purdue University. Randolph has taught at Purdue, the University of Wyoming, and at Armstrong (Atlantic) State University and in 2011 joined the faculty of the University of Redlands.