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  • Department of Political Science

    Graeme Auton

    Professor, Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair in American Politics & Policy

    International Relations, East Asia, Korea, Middle East, Political Science, California Politics, Federal Government, National Politics, National Security

  • Economics

    Nathaniel Cline

    Assistant Professor, Department Chair

    Economy, California, National, International

  • Global Business

    Walter Hutchens

    Endowed Chair, Global Business

    Global Business, International Relations, East Asia, International Security

  • School of Business

    Johannes Moenius

    Professor, William R. and S. Sue Johnson Endowed Chair of Spatial Economic Analysis and Regional Planning

    Business, Global Business, Economy, International, Spatial Business

  • Political Science

    Art (Arthur) Svenson

    Professor, David Boies Endowed Chair of Government

    Music, International Relations, East Asia, California Government, Federal Government, Voting & Elections

  • Political Science

    Gregory Thorson

    Professor, Ken and Lynn Hall Endowed Chair of Public Policy

    California Politics, California Government, Federal Government, International Security, National Politics, Voting & Elections, Education, Healthcare

  • Steve Wuhs

    Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, and Senior International Officer

    International Relations, Political Science, Voting & Elections, International Politics, Mexico/Latin America


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