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Resources for University Supervisors in the Department of Teaching and Learning.


Fieldwork Forms

University Supervisor Observation Form

University Supervisor Observation

  • During each observation, the University Supervisor will complete an observation form. They will make note of the candidates’ commendations and highlight any Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) in need of developing. The University Supervisor will discuss these observations with the candidate. The discussion may take place immediately following the candidate’s lesson or at a later time via a video or phone call if the schedule does not permit an immediate discussion. It is encouraged for the Cooperating Teacher to be involved in this discussion, if possible and appropriate.

    The University Supervisor will fill out their portion of the form. Once they submit it, it will be routed to the candidate. There is a section for the candidate to write their own notes, based on their observations and discussions. The candidate should also identify any questions or concerns they have on the form. These questions or concerns should be discussed with the Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor, if they were not already discussed.

Progress Check

Progress Check for Multiple Subject and Single Subject candidates

Progress Check for Education Specialist candidates

Progress check meetings will take place four times during the 14-week student teaching experience (suggested to take place week 4, 7, 10, and 13). All four meetings will include the candidate and Cooperating Teacher (for student teachers). It is encouraged to include the Mentor Teacher, if possible and appropriate (for interns)

The University Supervisor will participate in at least two of the meetings (referred to as the three-way meetings). The progress checks are an opportunity for all parties to discuss their observations and perspectives and to set goals for the future.

All members of the meeting will collaboratively discuss and rate the candidate’s progress related to the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). The rating from all four progress checks will be on a single form so that the progress of the candidate can be easily seen. The candidate should be the one documenting the ratings and writing notes in the form. Once the candidate submits the form, it will be routed to their University Supervisor for approval.


Fieldwork Hour Tracker

Fieldwork Hour Tracker

The candidate will use this form to document a minimum of 560 hours of fieldwork. This form should be filled in daily and will be submitted to the University Supervisor weekly (every Friday) for approval.

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