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As a higher education and student affairs student, you are encouraged to continue learning outside of the classroom by taking advantage of events, webinars, conferences, advising sessions, and workshops.


Your program prepares students to work in post-secondary institutions through exposure to the social, cultural, and organizational contexts of higher education, theories of leadership and student development, and discussion of current issues.



University Resources

Program Resources

Program Pathways

The coursework and the field experience segments of the program are delivered in a prescribed sequence. Pathways are recommended for timely program completion.

Fall 2022 Program Pathway

Fall 2021 Program Pathway

Fieldwork Documents & Forms

The fieldwork-related documents and forms below will be used by students advancing to fieldwork.

Fieldwork Checklist

This document outlines the pre-fieldwork requriements and the steps to complete and finalize your fieldwork requirement.

Advance to Fieldwork Request Form

This form is used to indicate your readiness to advance to fieldwork. It provides information about your anticipated timeline for fieldwork and ideas or plans for your placement.

Site Mentor Fieldwork Agreement Letter

This document outlines the expectations for your fieldwork experience with your site mentor.

Fieldwork Agreement Signature Form

This document is an agreement between you and your site mentor, and it include information such as your anticipated start and end date. It is to be completed in collaboration with your site mentor and submitted to the Office of Student Success prior to the add/drop deadline.

Higher Education Fieldwork Student Evaluation

This document is an evaluation form used by the Office of Student Success and faculty to assess your developing performance during fieldwork. You will provide your site mentor with the evaluation form midway and at the end of your fieldwork experience.

Program Timeline


Program Completion

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Our Office of Student Success team is focused on supporting your success by providing holistic advising across curricular and co-curricular needs.

Have Questions? Need Support?

A member of the advising team is available to support students. View our advising services to find the help you need.