California Teaching Performance Assessment

All teacher candidates for a preliminary Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credential must pass an assessment of their teaching performance with K-12 public school students as part of the requirements for earning a preliminary teaching credential. This assessment of teaching performance is designed to measure the candidate's knowledge, skills and ability with relation to California's Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). 

At its June 2016 meeting, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) adopted new Teacher Performance Expectations (TPE) that are aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), and this action launched the redevelopment of the CalTPA. However, the new CalTPAs will only affect students who started a teacher preparation program after April 2018. Please see the appropriate TPA information notice below. Please contact your advisor if you have doubts about which Teacher Performance Assessment you need to complete for your program.  

Teacher candidates beginning the MALT Program prior to April 30, 2018, have two options:

  1. Complete the CalTPA Tasks 3 & 4 (advised if you have already completed or are planning to complete Tasks 1 & 2*)
  2. Complete the redesigned CalTPA Instructional Cycles 1 & 2.


*The option to complete the CALTPA Tasks 3 & 4 will only be available through April 30, 2020. After this date, all teacher candidates will be required to complete the CalTPA Instructional Cycles 1 & 2.

Teacher candidates beginning the MALT Program after April 30, 2018, do not have an option and must complete the redesigned CalTPA Instructional Cycles 1 & 2.

CalTPA Resources

Learn more about the CalTPA

CalTPA Candidate Handbook

CalTPA Preparation Materials

CalTPA and TPA Deadlines

Task or Cycle Deadline
CalTPA Task 1 & 3 Due February 14, 2019
CalTPA Instructional Cycle 1 Due February 14, 2019
CalTPA Tasks 2 & 4 Due March 7, 2019
CalTPA Instructional Cycle 2 Due March 7, 2019

CalTPA Codes

TPA Task 1: 19FEBMS for multiple subjects. Single subjects will vary by subject area. 

TPA Task 2 : 19FEBDI

TPA Task 3: 19FEBAL

TPA Task 4: 19FEBCTE

Questions? Contact Dr. Greg Hamilton, TPA Coordinator