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Welcome to the School of Education's teaching resource page. Questions about the general "how-tos" of working in the School are covered in our Faculty & Staff Resources  page.

This page is intended to serve as working repository for materials that support our continuous effort at instructional excellence. We know we're only as good as we are willing to engage in difficult and risky conversations about classroom practice, student learning, and equity. So everything here is offered in the spirit of conversation, self-reflection, and engaged critical practice.

Below you'll find the most current  syllabi for courses in the School, as well as suggestions for experimenting with various educational  practices and pedagogical problems we're all engaged in thinking deeply about. The science and art of teaching and learning are sustained by open questions refined by repetitive inquiry. We hope what you find here deepens your practice and enriches your students. Please share with us what you discover along the way.

Master Syllabi

Courses in the School of Education carry one of five alpha prefixes: EDUC, EDUG, EDSP, MALT, or CMHC. Because programs of study may include courses from different departments, you need to know your course prefix and number to locate a syllabus for a class on this page. The department name or course title may not be as helpful in locating materials, as many courses can be crosslisted.

Master syllabi contain the required learning outcomes and textbooks approved by the department faculty. But we encourage all instructors to personalize and customize other aspects of a syllabus to reflect the course as they teach it. Should you have questions, please contact your department chair or the Associate Dean for Operations and Faculty Development.



  • EDUC
     —   School Counseling, Higher Ed, Ed Admin, and the doctoral program
  • MALT —    Teaching and Learning
  • CMHC — Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
  • EDSP —    Education Specialist credential
  • EDUG —  Undergraduate teaching and learning courses for UR students

  • Course numbering:       400: Undergraduate 
  •                                               500: Preliminary Teaching Credential 
  •                                               600: Master's programs 
  •                                               700: Ed Admin 
  •                                               800: Doctoral Program 

Courses by Alpha Prefix


EDUC courses

EDUC 601 The Counseling Process
EDUC 602 Pluralism in Education
EDUC 603 Inquiry I: Intro to Quantitative Research
EDUC 604 Inquiry II: Intro to Qualitative Research
EDUC 606 Popular Culture, Media, and Higher Education
EDUC 607 Higher Education in the United States 
EDUC 609 Law, Policy, and Finance in Higher Education
EDUC 614 Organization Theory & Leadership in Higher Education
EDUC 624 Introduction to College Student Development Theory
EDUC 637 Master’s Seminar
EDUC 645 Intro to Linguistics for Educators
EDUC 646 Diversity & Inclusion
EDUC 647 Perspectives in Second Language Acquisition
EDUC 649 Teaching English Learners
EDUC 651 Group Counseling & Consultation
EDUC 653 Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy
EDUC 654 Counseling for Career Choice & Development
EDUC 655 Counseling Systems
EDUC 669 Diversity in Higher Education
EDUC 657a Practicum: Fieldwork in Counseling
EDUC 657b Practicum: Fieldwork in Counseling
EDUC 657c Practicum: Fieldwork in Counseling
EDUC 657d Practicum: Fieldwork in Counseling
EDUC 659 Assessment Techniques in Counseling
EDUC 669 Diversity in Higher Education
EDUC 670 Program Administration and Evaluation
EDUC 671 Leadership
EDUC 673 School Finance
EDUC 674 School Politics and Law
EDUC 675 Curriculum and Program Development
EDUC 676 School Personnel Management
EDUC 677 Practicum: Fieldwork in Counseling
EDUC 678A Practicum: Fieldwork in Education Induction
EDUC 678B Practicum: Fieldwork in Education Induction
EDUC 679 Preliminary Administrative Internship
EDUC 680 Human Development Across the Lifespan
EDUC 685 Pupil Personnel Services: Counseling in Schools
EDUC 770 Induction
EDUC 771 Professional Learning Plan
EDUC 772 Development and Implementation of a Shared Vision
EDUC 773 Instructional Leadership 
EDUC 774 Management and Learning Environment
EDUC 775 Family and Community Engagement
EDUC 776 Ethics and Integrity
EDUC 777 External Context and Policy
EDUC 778 Professional Learning Plan Completion
EDUC 779 Induction Completion

CMHC courses

CMHC 610                     Sociocultural Counseling & Intervention

CMHC 613                     Counseling Law & Ethics

CMHC 615                     Group Psychotherapy & Counseling

CMHC 616                     Intro To Social Justice & Advocacy

CMHC 617                     Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management

CMHC 620                     Counseling and Educational Assessment

CMHC 630                     Theory & Practice Of Family Counseling

CMHC 631                     Couples & Relationship Counseling Theories & Techniques

CMHC 640                     Research & Evaluation

CMHC 692                     Crisis Intervention Counseling 

CMHC 693                     Psychopathology & Diagnostic Procedures

CMHC 694                     Psychopharmacology

CMHC 695                     Introduction To Substance Abuse Counseling

CMHC 699A                   Practicum I Clinical Mental Health Counseling

CMHC 699B                   Practicum II Clinical Mental Health Counseling

CMHC 699C                   Practicum III Clinical Mental Health Counseling

EDSP courses

EDSP 610/EDSP 510      Overview of Special Education
EDSP 615/EDSP 515      Managing Students with Disabilities
EDSP 620/EDSP 520      Curriculum and Instruction: Mild/Mod & Autism
EDSP 625/EDSP 525      Diagnostic Interventions
EDSP 652A/EDSP 552A       Ed Spec Teaching Seminar A
EDSP 652B/EDSP 552B      Ed Spec Teaching Seminar B

MALT courses

Department of Teaching & Learning Conceptual Framework     Overview

MALT 601/EDUC 501/EDUG 401(N)      Syllabus 
                                                                Course Overview 

MALT 602/EDUC 502/EDUG 402(N)      Syllabus
                                                                Course Overview

MALT 603/EDUC 503/EDUG 403(N)      Syllabus
                                                                Course Overview

MALT 604/EDUC 504/EDUG 404(N)      Syllabus
                                                                Course Overview

MALT 605/EDUC 505/EDUG 405(N)      Syllabus
                                                                Course Overview 

MALT 606/EDUC 505/EDUG 406(N)      Syllabus
                                                                Course Overview

MALT 607/EDUC 507/EDUG 407(N)      Syllabus
                                                                Course Overview

MALT 608/EDUC 508/EDUG 408(N)      Syllabus
                                                                Course Overview 

MALT 609/EDUC 509/EDUG 409(N)      Syllabus
                                                                Course Overview 

MALT 610A     Syllabus                    

MALT 610B     Syllabus

MALT 610       Syllabus                                           

MALT 611/EDUG 511     Syllabus
                                       Course Overview

MALT 652/EDUC 552/EDUG 452(N)     Syllabus

MALT 655/EDUC 555/EDUG 455(N)      Syllabus 

MALT 656/EDUC 556      Syllabus

EDUC Doctoral courses

EDUC 830            Social Justice Leadership

EDUC 831            Legal & Ethical Issues Ed Leadership

EDUC 832            Ed Policy: Multiperspectives

EDUC 833            Education Finance & Budget

EDUC 835            Critical Theory & Educ Ldrshp

EDUC 840            Educational Inquiry

EDUC 841            Quantitative Research Methods

EDUC 842            Qualitative Research Methods

EDUC 843            Evidence and Educational Practice

EDUC 844            Social Justice Leadership

EDUC 850A         Research to Practice Sem I A

EDUC 850B          Research to Practice Sem I B

EDUC 850C          Research to Practice Sem I C

EDUC 851A         Research to Practice Sem II A

EDUC 851B         Research to Practice Sem II B

EDUC 851C         Research to Practice Sem II C

EDUC 860A         Dissertation Development

EDUC 860B         Dissertation Development

EDUC 860C         Dissertation Development

EDUC 861           Dissertation Writing

EDUC 861           Dissertation Writing

EDUC 861           Dissertation Writing

Syllabus Design

SOE Syllabus Template

The following template coordinates design and policy dimensions across the School of Education by providing clear directions about required syllabus elements and preferred language for uniform policies like academic integrity and disability accommodations.

It is our goal to allow all instructors to design courses drawing on their expertise. We understand and trust that while learning outcomes are shared, the paths to succeeding in those objectives are not scripted. Please talk to your respective chairs or the Associate Dean about your latitude in customizing you course syllabus.

School of Education syllabus template

Syllabus Design Basics

content on the way

Teaching and Curriculum Resources

Meeting Presentations

In Fall 2016, the School of Education announced an initiative to reconsider academic and operational excellence across the organization. Among the faculty, this effort involves  continual improvement in our academic programs to ensure that we are offering our students the very best experience aligned with what the research tells us about optimal learning. Below are some resources we hope will be helpful in this endeavor:

Fall 2016 professional development meeting presentation: "Reimagining Excellence"

Spring 2017 professional development meeting: "Graduate Pedagogy" and "Performance and Development in  Graduate School Writing Practice"

Fall 2017 professional development meeting:

Spring 2018 professional development meeting: 

Fall 2018 professional development meeting: "Reading in Higher Education"


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